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Single Phase Step Voltage Regulator – Product Release

Spanning across the trades of Electrical, Fabrication, Painting and Mechanical, our new starters will each have the opportunity to immerse themselves within a dynamic company at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy solutions.

Supporting Growth: Tyree’s Ongoing Commitment to the Expansion of Data Centres in Australia

Tyree Transformers are proud to maintain a pivotal role in supporting the expansion of Data Centres in Australia. As demand for efficient and reliable power solutions soar, we continue our passion for powering the future. In December 2023, Team Tyree affirmed this commitment by successfully… Read More »Supporting Growth: Tyree’s Ongoing Commitment to the Expansion of Data Centres in Australia

Tyree Transformers announce $25m investment into capacity growth

Tyree Transformers envision a future where innovation and excellence converge to redefine industry standards. In accordance with this core belief, we are thrilled to announce a $25 million dollar investment to expand our distribution transformer production capacity at our Mittagong, NSW operations.

In 1978, Tyree Transformers established a new factory in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The pride and joy of Sir William and the Tyree family, this achievement proved that hard work and dedication yield results. Following years of successful operation, Tyree expanded its horizons in 1983 by commencing construction on a second factory adjacent to the existing site. In the years following the Tyree brand has remained dedicated to evolving in line with demand for its high quality products and services. As of 2023, our Mittagong operations boast four modern, fully equipped workshops spanning over 20,000 square meters on the company’s expansive 30-acre property.

Tyree Transformers continue their commitment to innovation and expansion with their newest investment. Valued at $25 million, this project includes a full redevelopment of the existing Distribution Transformer factory and a complete duplication of our large distribution transformer production equipment. The redevelopment will enhance efficiency, streamline production, and incorporate cutting-edge technologies to ensure a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

This project follows our recent investments into Tyree New Zealand to duplicate our small distribution production line by commencing NZ production at our new premises at Mangere in Auckland and a new dedicated BESS and Inverter Transformer production line at Mittagong. When completed, these three projects totaling $45 million will allow Tyree Transformers to double our existing annual transformer production capacity.

Tyree Transformers’ commitment to being future ready ensures that we are able to provide quality products and services to our Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island customers. As we continue to grow, we increase our capabilities to support of these stakeholders’ energy transition to nett zero, renewable generation, energy storage and the electrification of transportation.

The announcement of our $25 million dollar investment further demonstrates our commitment to the legacy of Sir William and the Tyree family. Through this comprehensive redevelopment, we are not only preserving that legacy but also propelling it into the future.

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Tyree invests in Battery Energy Storage System Step-Up Transformers

Tyree has invested in a dedicated production line for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Step-Up Transformers. Tyree Transformers has continued to expand our manufacturing facilities at our operations located at Braemar in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Tyree manufactures a comprehensive range of Power Transformers… Read More »Tyree invests in Battery Energy Storage System Step-Up Transformers