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Substation Power

Tyree Industries produce substation class power transformer up to 35MVA ONAN, 132kV Class primary voltage. Tyree design philosophy is based on Westinghouse round coil, core type technology. This technology is proven technology for transformers rated from 3MVA, through 300MVA, 330kV.

Tyree utilise modern, robust winding technology that is short circuit designed and verified including continuous disc and interleaved disc for high voltage windings, helical and continuous disc featuring CTC (Continuous Transposed Conductor) for medium and low voltage windings. Tyree are the only Australian transformer manufacturer producing in-house, customised winding conductors including tensile rated and tested high conductivity copper conductors, coated and wrapped to specific design and performance. Tyree utilise modern step-lap, mitre cut core design, featuring Hi-B low loss core steel including laser scribed grades.

Tyree Power Transformers feature in-house produced radiators. This enables rapid production of custom cooling configurations for ONAN and ONAF ratings. Tyree radiator designs feature welded header, self draining in cold-rolled and stainless steel. Tyree Power transformer tanks are boiler designed and fabricated, featuring Australian Standard tropical and marine rated surface treatments.

Tyree engineers utilise best in class power transformer components, sourced globally including On-Load-Tap-Changers (OLTC), Condensor and Oil filled bushings, instruments and fittings. Tyree are Australian engineered for Australian conditions, to world class standards.

  • Short Circuit verified winding design and construction.
  • Customised in-house designed and fabricated radiators/coolers.
  • Transient voltage tolerant through static shielding and insulation grading technology.
  • World class components.
  • AS and IEC Compliant Design and Performance.
  • Low life cycle cost performance through low loss core and winding designs.
  • Customised product based on proven power transformer design standards.
  • Reliable, conservative, and predictable technology.
  • Designed and Fabricated for local Australian conditions.
  • Locally produced to enable close consultation with site engineering and preparation.
  • Compact substation designs for site integration, ease of transportability and interchange ability.
Technical Specifications:
  • Primary Voltage Rating: 3.3kV to 132kV Class.
  • Secondary Voltage Rating: 3.3kV to 132kV Class.
  • Rating: up to 35MVA ONAN.
  • Auto, Single, Three and Polyphase designs including rectifier and traction duty.
  • Mass: to 50T total.
  • Off-Circuit tapchanger, On-Load-Tap-Changer (OLTC) and regulating designs.
  • Free-breathing and Sealed Designs, including bagged conservator and nitrogen blanketed.