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Industrial Ground Mount

Tyree Industries produces Industrial ground mount distribution transformers to 5000kVA 36kV. Tyree’s design technology is based on proven principles and processes and based on rectangular coil wound core technology. This technology is proven technology for transformers rated from 100kVA to 5MVA.

Built to exacting standards and robust design requirements, Tyree industrial ground mount units can be supplied to meet any distribution need. With a variety of primary and secondary voltages, forced and natural cooling, various monitoring and communication systems and construction layouts to suit any site, the variations of this product range are endless. Step up or step down, generator transformers, furnace transformers or other specially application transformers can all be accommodated. To meet environmental requirements or oil flash point limits, environmentally friendly vegetable based oils can also be supplied.

Typical applications will have LV and HV cable boxes with removable gland plates. Bolt on or fixed radiators in galvanized or painted finish can be supplied to meet the cooling requirement of the site. OTI, PRV’s, WTI, OLI are all common fitment, prewired to a convienient marshalling box for the customers connection.

  • Short circuit verified Winding Design and construction.
  • Robust construction.
  • Arrangement and accessories to suit each customer.
  • Highest quality materials and assembly processes.
  • Durable and long lasting surface protection.
  • AS and IEC compliant design and performance.
  • Low life cycle cost performance through low loss core and winding designs.
  • Customised product based on proven design standards.
  • Reliable, conservative and predictable technology.
  • Designed and fabricated for local Australian conditions.
  • Locally produced to enable close consultation with site engineering and preparation.
Technical specifications:
  • Primary voltage rating: 3.3kV to 36kV.
  • Secondary Voltage rating: 250V to 22kV.
  • Rating: up to 5000kVA ONAN.
  • Single, Three and Polyphase designs.
  • Fully sealed and free breathing designs.
  • Off load tap changers.