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Pole Mounted

Tyree Industries produce pole mounted distribution transformers from 10 to 500kVA. Using design principles based on over 50yrs of transformer design experience combined with modern process technologies and design modelling, Tyree pole mounts continue to be leaders in their class.

Tyree pole mounted distribution transformers are manufactured to standard designs, primarily for power utilities or approved service providers. Our standard range includes transformers from 10 to 500kva with primary voltages of 11, 22 and 33kV in single phase, single phase SWER, 3 phase or dual ratio. The standard range is based on the requirements of the AEEMA/ENA “specification for polemounting distribution transformers” and/or customer specific requirements, as well as the requirements of AS60076.

All standard designs have been proven by type testing or evaluation of similar designs, including impulse, short circuit, temperature rise, and sound level

  • Compact designs Sealed construction to prevent the entry of moisture.
  • Highest quality materials and assembly processes.
  • MEPS or HEPS compliance.
  • AEEMA/ENA standard specification – complete range.
  • Design and performance to relevant Australian Standards and Australian conditions.
  • Low life cycle cost performance through low loss core and winding designs.
  • Reliable, proven and predictable technology.
  • Designed and fabricated for local Australian conditions.
  • Locally produced and providing exceptional customer service.
  • High quality/low cost.
Technical specifications:
  • Primary voltage rating: 11kV to 36kV.
  • Secondary Voltage rating: 250V/433V.
  • Rating: 10 to 500kVA.
  • Single phase, Three phase and SWER designs.
  • Fully sealed tanks.
  • Off load tap changers.
  • Pole mounting to suit utility requirements.