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Tyree’s big, new state-of-the-art, vertically integrated Power Transformer factory, is able to produce up to 35MVA 132kV oil immersed transformers with shorter lead times to customised design.

The Tyree Power factory is a fully integrated transformer manufacturing plant, with a depth of capability and experience in producing winding conductors, world’s best core cutting, engineered power transformer winding, insulation, tanks and radiators….and all this with a full capability testbay. The new factory is adjacent to Tyree’s Distribution transformer factory, utilising the synergies of a long-standing, highly reputable transformer company capable of locally producing transformers ranging from 25kg to over 50,000kg.
Tyree power transformers manufactured in the Mittagong facility are core type designs utilizing the most reliable and robust winding constructions available including:

  • Continuous disc
  • Helical
  • Shielded disc
  • Machine wound disc

Tyree engineers design and produce their own winding conductors, including hardened copper for short circuit proof winding design. They use best in class CTC (Continuously transposed conductor) for high current applications.

The Tyree team utilize the most modern NC controlled step-lapped mitre cut core design. This combined with low loss, Hi-B core materials produces the most efficient core performance available and ultimately the lowest life cycle cost transformers available.
Tyree integrates the highest in quality componentry into its Australian designed, built and proven transformers, including bushings, tapchangers and insulators.