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Mining Substation

Tyree Industries produces Mining substation distribution transformers up to 3000kVA 36kV. Tyree’s design technology is based on proven principles and processes as used in Industrial ground mount and pole mount products. This includes verification of short circuit withstand strength, Lightening impulse withstand and Sound level requirements.

Tyree Mining substations are designed and manufactured with consideration of the extreme environment and harsh conditions that prevail on mine sites. Customized to the end users specific requirements, mining products include primary voltages from 3.3kV to 36kV and secondary voltages from 250V to 11kV. General arrangements include ground mounted, skid mounted, reduced overall height, increased ambient temperature, and heavy duty protected tanks. Polyphase winding construction and monitoring systems to AS4871 are also encompassed as well as a variety of monitoring and communication accessories.

Tyree Mining transformers feature in house manufactured radiators or fin wall cooling fins from stock. This enables rapid production of custom cooling configurations to meet demanding site requirements. Mining transformer tanks are boiler designed and fabricated, featuring Australian Standard tropical and marine rated surface treatments.

  • Short circuit verified Winding Design and construction.
  • Robust internal construction and heavy duty external construction.
  • Minimised overall height for skid application.
  • Monitoring systems to AS4871.
  • Durable and long lasting surface protection.
  • AS and IEC compliant design and performance.
  • Low life cycle cost performance through low loss core and winding designs.
  • Customised product based on proven industrial transformer design standards.
  • Reliable, conservative and predictable technology.
  • Designed and fabricated for local Australian conditions.
  • Locally produced to enable close consultation with site engineering and preparation.
Technical specifications:
  • Primary voltage rating: 3.3kV to 36kV.
  • Secondary Voltage rating: 250V to 11kV.
  • Rating: up to 3000kVA ONAN.
  • Single, Three and Polyphase designs.
  • Fully sealed designs.
  • Skid and ground mounting options.