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New developments at Tyree

A big, new state-of-the-art, vertically integrated Power Transformer factory, built to produce up to 35MVA 132kV oil immersed transformers in a shorter lead time to a customised design. A partnership with the ubiquitous Efacec, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power transformers. New leaner and more flexible manufacturing disciplines that give Tyree’s highly respected Distribution product an even more distinctive edge in its marketplace. An environmentally safer and greener alternative to mineral oil used in distribution transformers, making Tyree’s customers even more “future ready.”

These are just some of the exciting new developments taking place at Tyree. Its bold return to the Power market is building on a long, proud and prosperous heritage. The new Tyree Power factory is a fully integrated transformer manufacturing plant, including capability and experience for production of winding conductors, state of the art core cutting, engineered power transformer winding shop, insulation and tank fabrication shop, radiator manufacture with a full capability test bay. The new factory is adjacent to Tyree’s existing Distribution transformer factory and utilises the synergies of a transformer company capable of locally producing transformers ranging from 25kg to over 50,000kg.

By embracing the latest Lean Manufacturing Principles Tyree has increased “OEE” (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) along with significant reduction in manufacturing variances through Six Sigma methodologies. This equates to high levels of consistency, flexibility and predictability throughout the Operations. The end result ensures that the customer is offered the most cost effective, quality product that will meet their need and more…and make them truly “future ready”.

Not only have these improvements been applied to the pole mount range, but over the last decade Tyree has expanded vertically into the manufacture of Industrial Distribution transformers to 5000kVA. Units for industry, mining and utilities are all covered with flexible design and manufacturing processes which can meet the most demanding specifications. This sector demands robustness, attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction, all factors at which Tyree excel s. Being a local manufacturer, Tyree is also able to personally support customers around Australia and New Zealand, providing customer service that is second to none.

Tyree’s alignment with Efacec provides valuable access to an enormous bank of knowledge that has come from their proven track record of exporting to over 65 countries. This partnership helps them to stay abreast of the latest power transformer technology developments around the world. In keeping with their innovative mindset, when a Western Australian company made a world-first, environmentally safer and greener alternative to mineral oil, Tyree didn’t hesitate to become involved by agreeing to distribute NeuGen throughout Australia and New Zealand. Tyree is ISO9001 accredited and has been so since 1990.


Other new product and service developments:

Tyree maintains a design and verification database containing proven design history verified by extensive type testing. This empirical data, mobilised by state-of-the-art 3D CAD and analysis software, enables rapid design development, the cost and schedule advantage of standard tooling and a mature material supply chain utilising the highest quality transformer material.

Tyree continues to invest in continual development of engineering resources, both in direct employees and through close involvement with local universities, including the University of New South Wales and Wollongong University. Tyree staff includes approximately 20 Degree engineers, including disciplines of electrical, mechanical, chemical and industrial. The resources required to sustain this ability to supply transformers have been continuously growing to meet the needs of the expanding industry. Tyree continue to invest in modernized plant equipment. The reinvestment of capital continues on an annual basis exceeds $1MIL per annum.


Summary of key points regarding Tyree’s facilities and resources
  • Australian owned and operated.
  • Strategically located in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
  • 1hr South-west of Sydney metropolitan area.
  • Industrial zoned, close proximity to road and rail logistics infrastructure.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturer since 1945.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed.
  • Operated & represented throughout Australia & New Zealand.
  • Modern E.R.P/computer system installed in August 2009.
  • An E.R.P system that provides improved service level management, direct investigation of order progress and potentially an E-commerce platform.
  • Overall Quality management system enhanced by a modern E.R.P. system.
  • Strong focus on safety and quality.
  • Drive for excellence with Environmental practices.
  • Production planning and capacity in place to meet potential demand spikes.
  • Overall capacity available to service new business growth.