The Tyree Foundation announces the establishment of a scholarships for study at RMIT University

The Tyree Foundation is proud to announce the expansion of the Sir William Tyree Engineering scholarship program to include RMIT University.

Following on from the scholarships established in 2018 with a NSW based university, additional Sir William Tyree Scholarships for Engineering studies have been established with RMIT University to provide financial assistance to electrical & mechanical engineering undergraduate students for the duration of their four year study program. The scholarships are valued at $16,000 per year to support high performing Victorian regional and rural students who may otherwise be unable to attend university without financial assistance.

In addition to financial assistance scholarship holders will be offered the option to undertake work experience within the Tyree Group of companies where they will benefit from seeing engineering theory placed into practice in the design & manufacture of electrical equipment.

The first round of scholarships are open for applications from the 1st of February 2019 for study at the RMIT University in Melbourne and are targeted to support students applying to study mechanical and electrical engineering from 2019 onward.

In announcing the scholarships Robyn Fennell (nee Tyree) stated; “The Sir William Tyree Engineering scholarships were established in memory of my father who gifted so much to engineering education in Australia and it is very pleasing the Tyree Foundation is able to continue his legacy through ongoing distribution of the profits made by the Tyree Group businesses to support engineering students from regional and rural areas of Australia, giving back to the communities where Tyree Group products are sold.”

For further details on the scholarships and to apply please visit the RMIT University website at

Tyree Transformers continuing to supply New Zealand electrical utilities with power transformers.

Tyree recently completed the supply of three 50kV/11kV, 12.5MVA ONAN power transformers to Eastland Network.

Eastland Network is the electrical utility company who owns, operates and maintains the electricity distribution network and transmission lines for Gisborne, Wairoa and the East Coast of New Zealand’s north island.

The transformers incorporated on-load tap changers and were designed & tested to verify emergency cyclic overload ratings. The long term cyclic overload rating was proven by test to be 18.75MVA at a nominal ambient of 15°C with a maximum winding hotspot temperature of less than 115°C, with the short term cyclic overload rating of 18.75MVA at an ambient of 15°C with a maximum hot spot temperature of less than 125°C and top oil temperature of 115°C.

The delivery of the units were challenging with the SH2 road closed due to a major land slippage at the Waioeka Gorge. Tyree Field Service team and NZ representative Neil Wech were able to manage the situation with the transporter, NZTA and local cranage companies to maintain the delivery schedule for Eastland Network. Despite the access challenges the three transformers were fully assembled, filled and tested successfully within a week of delivery.

The units have all been moved into there final locations, are energized and in active service where they will operate for their design life of 40+ years

For more information on this project and Tyree Transformer’s other products please visit our website or contact our sales team on

Tyree supplying transformers for Australia’s largest DER Microgrid

Tyree Transformers continues to deliver transformer solutions to our Western Australia customers. We have successfully supplied and installed a complete package of transformers for Stage 1 of Horizon Power’s Onslow Power Station.

Located in the remote north west of Western Australia in the town of Onslow, the Onslow Power Station project is set to be the home of Australia’s largest distributed energy resource microgrid which will target greater than 50 per cent of the town of Onslow’s electricity needs to be serviced from renewable energy sources. The Onslow microgrid will include a mix of distributed renewables, modular gas powered generation and battery storage aimed at achieving a high level of renewable energy across the town.

Tyree Transformers supplied, tested and pre-commissioned the following transformers for the project;

  • 2 x 10/12.5MVA, 33KV/11KV, YNd11, ONAN/ONAF, OLTC Generator Step Up Transformers
  • 2 x 10/12.5MVA, 33KV/11KV, Dyn11, ONAN/ONAF, OLTC Zone Substation Transformers
  • 2 x 1000KVA, 11KV/415V, Dyn11, ONAN, Ground Mount Transformers
  • 1 x 2000KVA, 11KV/415V, Dyn11, ONAN, Ground Mount Transformer
  • 1 x 2000KVA, 11KV/415V, YNyn0, ONAN, Ground Mount Transformer
  • 2 x 200KVA, 11KV/415V, Dyn11, ONAN, Ground Mount Transformers
  • 2 x 11KV, 100A, 10secs Earthing Transformers

For further information on this project and Tyree Transformer’s range of products please visit our website or our sales team

Tyree Transformers announces scholarships for engineering students

Tyree Transformers are proud to announce the introduction of an ongoing scholarship program in the memory of our founder Sir William Tyree.

The Sir William Tyree Scholarships for Engineering have been established to provide financial assistance to electrical & mechanical engineering undergraduate students for the duration of their four or five-year study program at university. The two scholarships are each valued at $15,000 per year to support high performing regional and rural students who may otherwise be unable to attend university without financial assistance.

In addition to financial assistance scholarship holders will be provided with work experience within the Tyree Group of companies where they will benefit from seeing engineering theory placed into practice in the design & manufacture of electrical equipment.

The first round of scholarships are open for applications from the 1st of July 2018 and closing on the 30th of November 2018 for study at the University of Wollongong and are targeted to support students applying to study mechanical and electrical engineering from 2019 onward. Discussions are in progress with universities in other states to widen the scholarship program to other Australian universities and regions.

In announcing the scholarships Keian Barnard Managing Director of the Tyree Group stated; “These scholarships are being established in memory of Sir William who gifted so much to engineering education in Australia and he has left the Tyree Group in a position to continue his legacy through ongoing the distribution of the profits we make from the Tyree Group businesses to charitable activities. It is also very pleasing that we are able to focus the scholarships to support students from regional and rural areas of Australia, giving back to the communities where a lot of our Tyree Transformer products are sold.”


For further details on the scholarships and to apply please visit the UoW website at

Sir William Tyree Foundation Donates $5m to UNSW

At a hand-over presentation attended by David Gonski and Jon Paparsenos, Peter Tyree and Robyn Fennell, Sir William and Lady Tyree’s surviving children, have donated, on behalf of the Sir William Tyree Foundation, the sum of $5 million to the University of New South Wales. This donation is the concluding payment of the eleven million dollar commitment made by the Foundation to provide industry funding for the Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB).

This donation is the latest of numerous gifts made to UNSW and its engineering faculty by the Foundation and finalises the funding commitment required from industry to initiate the construction of the building six years ago. The TETB was one of the visions of, then Dean of Engineering, Professor Graham Davies whose aim was to locate UNSW’s world leading energy research capabilities in one building that would create a professional and inspirational environment.

Completed in January 2012, the TETB, built with funding from the Sir William Tyree Foundation and the federal government’s Education Investment Fund is named after Sir William Tyree. Sir William was a UNSW alumnus, successful innovator, businessman and major philanthropic supporter of Australian engineering and educational research. Situated at the Anzac Parade entrance to the University the $124 million TETB has a 6 Star energy rating and incorporates breakthrough architectural design that provides a space that is home to the UNSW Energy Institute whilst also providing facilities where research, education and industry bodies can collaborate in developing, and practically implementing, sustainable energy technologies.

The building has been a resounding success and is the recipient of numerous awards including:

  • Outstanding Construction Award – Master Builders Association (NSW) 2012
  • National Public Buildings Award (over $50mil) – Master Builders Association Awards 2012
  • Tertiary Buildings (over $50mil) – Master Builder Association Awards 2012
  • Public Buildings Category – Randwick City Urban Design Awards 2013
  • Sustainability Category – Randwick City Urban Design Awards 2013
  • Finalist, UN World Environment Day Award 2013
  • 3rd place, Green Dot Awards LA, USA 2013
  • Teaching/Mixed Use Laboratory Award – UK S-Lab Awards for Excellence in Laboratory Design, Management and Operation 2015.

Housing the School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy and the School of Petroleum Engineering, the TETB consists of five levels totaling approximately 15,000 square metres which incorporates administrative spaces, teaching and learning spaces,engineering workshops, engineering display spaces, a café, and research areas including laboratories. The roof of the building incorporates photovoltaic cells for the testing of research and development work as well as contributing to the energy input requirements of the facility while a central atrium space uses access stairs and pedestrian bridges to connect the floor levels increasing the visual and physical interconnections and enhances the collaborative nature of the design.

Peter Tyree commented; “This building displays all that is great in Australian architecture and building technologies, it provides a first class educational facility that will enable Australian engineers to grapple with, and find solutions to, the ever expanding issues of energy security and management both in Australia and the rest of the world”.
Peter also commented; “In addition to the funding for the TETB it is a great honour for the Sir William Tyree Foundation to also be funding a significant amount of ongoing research and development that is being carried out in TETB. The “Distributed Power Generation (Microgrid)” and the “SWER Line Fault Detection” projects are both great examples which demonstrate the long term value of the TETB facility to the University and Australia.”

For further information on Tyree Energy Technologies Building and philanthropic activities of the Sir William Tyree Foundation, please contact David Ward at the head office of the Foundation, (02 4872 6177).

Tyree Transformers are very pleased to welcome our new apprentices and graduates to Team Tyree in 2018

(Pictured: Seth McDonnell – Fab 2nd Year, Maneesh Selvamani – Grad Engineer, Tony Obrien – Maintenance Team Leader, Cooper Flink – Electrical, Kieran McKay – Electrical, James MacDonald – Fitter)


The team at Tyree Transformers continue to grow our business with the number of people we employ in Australian and New Zealand operations increasing by 60 permanent employees in the past year. This continued growth has also enabled us to increase our training positions with a total of 5 new apprentices and graduates commencing in 2018 at the Tyree Transformers operations at Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

“The Tyree Transformer’s operations continue to grow year on year and we are very proud to be creating long term employment opportunities for the young and long term unemployed from the regions in which we operate. The team at Tyree have a proud history of training skilled workers, tradespeople & engineers and this year’s graduate intake will go on to provide their skills to the Australian community for the next generation.” said Keian Barnard, Tyree Group CEO. “In addition to training within our businesses, each year up to 50% of our annual profits are gifted by the Tyree Foundation toward engineering education and medical research which we are all proud of at Tyree. Training and education are firmly embedded in the Tyree Group’s DNA and operating principles to ensure the ongoing legacy of our founder Sir William Tyree and the Tyree family.”

For more information about the Tyree Group and available employment opportunities please visit our company websites, and

Tyree Foundation is funding research to support the ongoing development of electrical power grids

The Tyree Foundation announced its commitment of $3.5M of funding for two significant electrical engineering research projects to be completed over a period of three years.

In line with key objectives to advance engineering and education in Australia, the Tyree Foundation has entered into a joint funding agreement with the University of New South Wales and University of Sydney that has brought together these two prestigious bodies to collaborate on two research and development projects that combine education, research and development and live test facilities to provide solutions for social issues including the “Bridging the Gap Initiative” that aims to improve the lives of indigenous Australians in remote communities.

The first of the two projects aims to develop safe reliable microgrids for remote communities in Australia. Rural and remote communities increasingly rely on a wide mix of potential power sources including PV solar, thermal, diesel generators, wind, fuel cells and battery storage. The project aims to develop models for planning and optimisation of this broad range of energy sources to allow them to be interconnected in a microgrid format and remotely managed, to help provide consistent reliable power for remote communities. Critical success factors of the project include providing the capability to provide an affordable solution linking existing best of breed and locally developed components into an architecture that can be safely maintained by local residents rather than needing support that is typically many hundreds of kilometres away.

The second project has been devised to assist rural communities that rely heavily upon SWER (single wire earth return) power transmission for their electricity, and increasingly, PV Solar as a secondary power source. SWER transmission lines are often hundreds of kilometres in length and can be prone to poor reliability due to the very nature of their old design and its ability to supply today’s sophisticated and more demanding loads including televisions, computers and smart devices as well as technical issues induced through weather events and falling trees! Traditional fault finding on SWER lines is often difficult due to the lack of communications and smart technologies which typically requires engineers to “walk the line” to identify problems, this project is seeking to develop low cost remote line monitoring devices that will transmit signals to control stations in order that engineers can pinpoint faults over long distances and allow the restoration of power far more quickly than is currently the case.

These exciting projects will directly employ more than 30 people over the three year project period engaging a mix of research engineers, post graduate engineers and under graduate students to design and develop communication modules and protocols, sensor design and deployment strategies along with appropriate hardware and software solutions.

For further details on the activities of the Tyree Foundation please refer all inquiries to

Walk For Brain Cancer

On Sunday the 29th October a contingent of over 90 Tyree Transformers employees and their families participated in the inaugural Bowral Walk for Brain Cancer at Bong Bong Race Course.

Tyree Transformers were very pleased to be a major sponsor for the walk in support of this very worthy cause and in memory of our work mate Mark Reid who passed away from this insidious disease in July 2017.

The Tyree team raised over $5000 from contributions from our employees which were matched by the company.

On what was a gorgeous Southern Highlands summer’s day over 400 hundred people participated in the walk and raised in excess of $40,000.

This is a remarkable result from the Southern Highlands community and for the event organisers the O’Brien family, especially when compared to the funds raised by much larger regions.

For more information on this wonderful charity and its work please go to

For more information on the Southern Highlands walk, please click here –


#CureBrainCancer #Walk4BrainCancer


New Western Australian Sales Manager

Tyree Industries would like to welcome Anton DeLange to the team,

With over 24 years’ experience in the electrical industry, Anton joins Tyree from ABB, where he was the National Distribution Transformer Product Marketing Manager based on Western Australia.

During his ten years with ABB Anton held numerous product management and sales roles supporting sales for a wide range of products including Low Voltage Switchgear, Medium Voltage Switchgear. High Voltage Switchgear and Distribution Transformers.

Prior to joining ABB Anton was the switchboard Production Manager for Ausmine Electrical and completed a twelve year career in the Royal Australian Navy where he gained extensive electrical & mechanical maintenance experience servicing major equipment on submarines and surface vessels.

For more information about the Tyree Industries transformers for WA, or to inquire about product sales please contact our sales team on or call 02 48726177

The Tyree Group is celebrating our 70th Birthday

Founded in 1946 by Sir William (Bill) Tyree (decd 2013), the Tyree Group of companies and Tyree Transformers has a rich and fascinating history.

Sir William formed the original company at Camperdown Sydney with a £5000 loan and began business manufacturing electric motors.
The first order for transformers was placed in 1948 by the Sydney Water Board – two 50kVA, 11kV 415 units. These first orders ignited in Sir William a lifelong passion for transformers.
From this first order Tyree successfully tendered these products against the entrenched overseas owned competition, leading to a strong, long standing relationship that lasted many decades.
In 1952 a new factory was established in Kingsgrove Sydney, as Tyree had outgrown their original premises in Camperdown. Production was extended to include up to 1500kVA 33KV products and the first of these was delivered in 1953.

“I was able to build transformers two years ahead of any of my English-controlled competitors. It meant I was eventually able to buy them out”. (SWT, 2004)

By the early ‘60s Tyree were the largest manufacturer of transformers in the Southern Hemisphere.

After several attempts by Westinghouse, Sir William sold them the business in 1972, on the condition that he had free reign to run the company for 10 years.
Sir William left Westinghouse in 1978 and retained a small transformer business manufacturing pole transformers and a business manufacturing copper conductor and wire.

From initially humble beginnings in 1946, Tyree has always strived to provide a high level of service.

On his passing in 2013 Sir William bequeathed all of his business interests to a Trust whose primary purpose is to provide profits for distribution to the Tyree Foundation. The Tyree Foundation is a charitable organisation which continues his philanthropic efforts through donations to support engineering education, engineering and medical research projects.

The Tyree Group continues Sir William’s manufacturing legacy and charitable works

Tyree Group CEO Keian Barnard said ‘It is Sir William’s work ethic and can do attitude which is embedded in our company culture today. In a highly competitive global market for transformers and cable the Tyree Group continues to evolve ensuring we remain competitive and relevant to the changing needs of our customers’.

Our cable manufacturing business Tycab located at Dandenong, continues to expand and has been progressively re-tooled with state of the art machinery and automation solutions to improve our product quality, increase production capacity and to take advantage of labour efficiencies gained from automation. Expansion of our production facility is in progress with scheduled completion in June 2017 which will provide further growth opportunities for the next five years.

Today our transformer business located at Mittagong designs, manufactures, tests and services a comprehensive range of transformer products including small distribution transformers rated from 5kVA to 3MVA and power transformers to 45MVA in voltage classes up to 132kV.
In the past five years Tyree Transformers has continued to expand its product range to include kiosk substations, padmount substations, metering transformers and dry type transformers, in addition we have increased the size of power transformers we manufacture to increased MVA levels.

Reinvestment into our business is a continuing process at Tyree Transformers, with the recent implementation of automatic coil winding machines, automatic core winding machines and core annealing furnaces into our distribution transformer facility. In addition to this investment in machinery and automation, construction is underway to further expand the Tyree power transformer facility with a 40% increase in floor space scheduled for occupation in mid-2017.

‘As an Australian manufacturer we are proud to be continuing to grow and provide real opportunities for training and local employment. Our major clients in the power sector continue to undergo significant change due to privatisation and reduced budgets under the AER process. In response to these challenges, Tyree has continued to focus on reducing our cost base to remain competitive whilst continuing to improving our service levels to the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania region.’

Our success in delivering cost effective Australian made solutions, is reflected in our extensive repeat customer base made up of all of the major power utilities, rail transport operators, mining companies added to large number of industrial, defence, renewable energy generators and commercial clients across Australia, New Zealand, PNG and the Oceania nations.

Recent major contract wins

Tyree Transformers are proud to announce three significant contract awards which demonstrate the capability of the Tyree Transformer’s team and our plans for the future.
Tyree have recently been awarded the following period contracts;

  •  Western Power have awarded Tyree a contract for the supply of a comprehensive range of distribution transformers, including pole transformers, ground mount transformers, metering units and MPS substations,
  • ACTEWAGL have awarded Tyree a contract for the supply of their pole mount transformers, ground mount transformers and kiosk substations,
  • Powercor & Citipower have awarded Tyree a five year contract for the supply of power transformers ranging from 10MVA to 55MVA.

In this our 70th year, the Tyree Group celebrates both a significant company milestone and these contract successes which are major steps toward securing our long term future.

For more information about the Tyree Group companies, or to inquire about product sales please contact our sales team on