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Capacity Upgrade

Tyree Upgrades Power Manufacturing Capacity with Shorter Lead Times

Tyree Industries’ expanded and recently completed New Power Transformer Factory is now regularly shipping Power Transformers up to 35MVA, 132kV Class transformers.

With capacity ramped up to 75MVA per month, the NEW and streamlined Tyree Power Transformer Factory offers customized design with short lead time.

Tyree have completed the expansion of their locally engineered, manufactured and tested transformer product range by successfully fielding multiple power transformer products in the past 2 years. This has included completion of type testing and energisation of power transformers demonstrating the expansion.

The Tyree Power factory is a fully integrated transformer manufacturing plant, including capability and experience for production of winding conductors, state of the art corecutting plant, engineered power transformer winding shop, insulation shop, tank fabrication shop, radiator manufacture and full capability testbay.