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Sales And Customer Service Team

Judy Temporali

Customer Services Manager

Judy excels in tailoring solutions to meet customers’ needs. She works closely with sales manager facilitating quotations, maintaining customer relationships, and ensuring contracts are managed to our clients’ expectations. She is instrumental in fostering and maintaining customer relationships, working closely with our internal teams to ensure Tyree meets their customer expectations .

With a tenure at Tyree since 2007, Judy takes pride in the cohesive team environment at the company, characterized by mutual support and a commitment to reliability and expertise within the Customer Service team. She possesses particular expertise in overseeing large-scale industrial and kiosk projects and has years of experience working with our utility client base products across Australian and Pacific Islands. Judy takes pride in leading the Customer Service Team and works closely with them to see that our clients’ needs are heard and adhered too.

Jody Gatt

Field Service Administrator

With a passion for precision and a talent for performing in fast-paced environments, Jody is an expert in operations. She connects our Field Service suppliers, contractors, and valued customers with care and vigor. As Tyree Transformers’ central point of contact for parts sales and field service administration, Jody excels in troubleshooting and streamlining all processes to ensure uninterrupted operations. Working closely with our General Manager of Field Service and Customer Service Manager, Jody consistently provides outstanding solutions for various customer needs.

Melissa Galea

Contracts Administrator

Specialising in custom industrial project orders, Melissa works closely with our engineering, purchasing, and production teams to proficiently coordinate technical and contractual requirements. Her proactive approach and high-level communication skills ensure that customers are kept informed of progress at every stage. Melissa’s dedication to customer satisfaction makes her an invaluable asset to our Contracts Administration Team. With Melissa at the helm for our custom industrial clients, Tyree Transformers continues to facilitate remarkable results.

Lisa West

Contracts Administrator

With a rich background in customer service and manufacturing, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a Contracts Administrator. She is passionate about consistently delivering high quality service, alwyas. As a key liaison between our company and valued utility customers for kiosk and industrial products, Lisa is committed to building strong relationships based on trust and understanding. She works closely with each client, attentively listening to their needs and concerns, and perpetually goes the extra mile to provide unparalleled assistance.

Jason Elton

Contracts Administrator

Specialising in Large Power and Custom Project orders, Jason excels in providing seamless coordination and service delivery. He takes pride in his reliability and capability to foster strong working relationships with Tyrees’ valued customer base. Understanding the importance of clear and authentic communication, Jason consistently goes above and beyond to provide quality support. Collaborating with Tyree engineering, purchasing and production teams, he ensures that all technical, contractual and individual requirements are met throughout the order process. Jasons’ proactive approach guarantees that customers are kept informed and empowered at every step.

Ainsley De Bono

Contracts Administrator

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for operational efficiency, Ainsley is an invaluable member of our Contract Administration Team. She understands the importance of clear communication and proactive problem-solving, always going above and beyond to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. As a key member of our team, Ainsley collaborates closely with our pole mount production lines to streamline processes and enhance the overall client experience. Her commitment to people and unwavering work ethic makes for an indispensable asset in our mission to provide top-notch contract administration services for all our pole mount clients

Rebecca Stewart

Contracts Administrator

With over a decade of experience in logistics, Rebecca is accomplished in export management. She is known for her high-level problem-solving skills and innovative approach to work. Thriving in high-pressure situations, she effortlessly overcomes obstacles to ensure smooth and efficient operations for our Australian and overseas clients. Rebeccas’ proactive approach and keen attention to detail guarantee that all aspects of the export process are meticulously managed, from documentation to shipment tracking and all in-between. Rebecca’s authentic passion and unmatched drive contribute to the Tyree Groups’ standing reputation as an industry leader.