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Approved Powercor Kiosk distribution substations

As an outcome of a kiosk substation tender, Tyree has been added as a new supplier for the 22KV, 315KVA & 500KVA kiosk substations (SAP ID’s 310607, 310608, 310624 & 310625).

The Tyree kiosks have a Schneider HV ring main unit (RMU) and Jean Muller LV Board, making the operational interface of the kiosk similar to existing kiosks within the network.

Some new features of the kiosk are:

  • Motorised HV ring main RM6 unit
  • 110% oil containment bund
  • Main tank pressure relief device
  • Provision for a remote control unit

The HV terminations within the RMU are at the same height as the existing Schneider kiosks installed on the network. Physical dimension of the Tyree kiosks are also similar to the Schneider Kiosks, with the Tyree kiosk being slightly taller. These similarities make it possible to interchange between the brands for faults and maintenance.

Powercor permitted material list PM19 for kiosks (located on the contractor web portal) has been updated to show Tyree as an approved product, allowing external contractors to procure the kiosks.

For more information on Tyree please visit or email our sales team